KwaZulu-Natal Museum sponsors prizes for Archaeology Student Development Conference (SDC) 2021


Kelita Shadrach, WITS PhD Candidate and SAASC secretary with prizes for the conference donated by the KwaZulu-Natal Museum

The Southern African Archaeology Student Council (SAASC) hosts its annual Student Development Conference (SDC) in June 2021. Although their pre-COVID Workshops were in-person events, the pandemic has prompted them to switch to an online event. During the month of June, archaeology students and researchers who have registered for the SDC will have access to lectures, practical activities, and assignments online. The content and activities provide enriching content and participatory learning experiences. Following each lecture, students will complete a practical activity, quiz or essay, which they will submit online for review by SAASC and their workshop presenters with exciting prizes up for grabs, including some donated by the KwaZulu-Natal Museum.

The prizes include museum branded goodies and copies of the latest issue of the journal South African Humanities as well as a set of books recently published by the museum. Dr Blundell from the Human Sciences Department at the KZN Museum handed over the “goody” bags to Kelita Shadrach who is the secretary of the SAASC on the 28th May while visiting Wits to conduct archival research.







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Willowfontein School with membes of the KZN Museum team

To celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity (IBD) the KZN Museum, in partnership with the Duzi Umgeni Conservation Trust (DUCT), invited three schools (Kharina High School, Willowfontein Intermediary School and Peter Pan Special School) to participate in educational activities based on environmental issues, targeted at grade 10 and 11 learners (Life Sciences). The activities were grouped into three categories viz. food security, water and shelter. With the assistance of DUCT, learners from Kharina High School developed a food garden comprising companion vegetable & herbs, whilst Willowfontien School students conducted PH, turbidity and temperature tests on the Wilgerfontein River.

Biodiversity day is celebrated under the theme: “We’re part of the solution #ForNature."

Kharina High School ran with a slogan "biodiversity is growing a garden". The museum provided all materials from pots to plants and potting soil including tools. This was great as the learners engaged in professional planting in collaboration with DUCT whilst a lesson on companion planting was facilitated by the museum. Learners planted out spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and garlic which are all winter plants but companion at the same time. They also potted a water loving herb "mint" and a not - so water loving herb "coriander". Learners then created a poster on what biodiversity means to them, their scope (site), their contribution towards biodiversity day and lessons learnt.

Willowfontein Intermediary School ran with a slogan" water, essential for life". The museum sponsored the water testing kits and plants.  In collaboration with DUCT, the museum facilitated a session on water quality and its importance.  Water testing was conducted and and learners engaged in hands on experience. Posters were designed which explained what is biodiversity, their scope and lessons learnt.

Peter Pan School covered why trees matter, in other words shelter. Bird perches and seed were given to the school along with other materials. Peter Pan School, were very creative and made trees and flower crafts, showing the importance of vegetation as shelter and how that contributes to biodiversity.

Final contributions from the respective schools, including creative art posters from Peter Pan School will be displayed at the KZN Museum during the main event to be held on Friday 21 May 2021.

To see the school's poster contributions click here


Kharina High School learners with members of the KZN Museum team

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