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The KZN Museum will be celebrating Africa Day on the 25th May 2022 from 9am – 12:00 pm. The first part of the celebrations includes a lecture on African Unity by Mr Tineyi Chigunduru from Fanelesibonge Development Agency. The second part of the morning’s celebrations will be an African Fair where different cultures will be showcasing their traditional food, music and attire. The countries that will be featured include South Africa, Congo, Burundi, Zimbabwe & Malawi. The invited guests include refugees from the Refugee Social Services, community members as well as school children. With this event, the Museum aims to generate awareness about our African diversity and to celebrate everything that we have to be proud of that makes us uniquely African. The public is invited to attend the event at the Museum on the 25 May. Please call the reception on 033-3451404 to confirm attendance.


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In June 2019 the Museum hosted two interns in the department of Natural Sciences (Malacology) in partnership with CATHSSETA.

In their first week of arrival to the Museum, they went to the field with the curators to collect some molluscs. The sampling was done in Hilton, Mount Michael, Doreen Clark Nature Reserve. After the return from the field, they sorted all collected molluscs and it took them two days to identify those specimens. All identifications were verified by the curator. The identified species include Sheldonia cornea (now accepted as Kerkophorus corneus) and Trachycystis subpinguis (showing in the pictures), as well as Trachycystis aenea (now accepted as Chalcocystis aenea), Gulella columnella, Nata vernicosa and Euonyma lymneaeformis.

This work was very interesting and useful for these interns, as it was their first comprehensive field work and processing of the collected material experience.


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A visit to Patricia Vinnicombe’s childhood home

"My main aim has been to demonstrate that the Bushman rock paintings are concerned not so much with the commonplace, material aspects of life, but with the deeper philosophies which govern relationships between man and the world he lives in, between man and man, and between man and the Creator Spirit"

Patricia Vinnicombe, 1976: xix


Patricia Vinnicombe was one of the first researchers to look at the social context of Bushman rock art and raise its study from an amateur pursuit to a serious academic undertaking. As a talented artist in her own right, she also had a creative affinity with this imaginative art form and developed a method of copying the art that we still admire today.

Born in 1932, Vinnicombe grew up on the farm West Ilsley near Underberg. Her love of rock art began as a child viewing the paintings on this farm. While still a schoolgirl (she boarded at Girls High School in Pietermaritzburg) she began to take creative inspiration from the art. This ultimately resulted in the publication in 1976 of People of the Eland, lavishly illustrated with meticulous hand-painted copies. Many of these original works are now in the collections of the KwaZulu-Natal Museum.

Vinnicombe1Sign at the old entrance gate to the farm.




Vinnicombe4West Ilsley rock art site 2: Two part-human/part-animal figures, also known as therianthropes (left: eland, and right: baboon). Top: natural photograph, middle: digitally enhancement using DStretch, bottom: Vinnicombe’s hand-painted copy of the same pair of figures.


At the end of March Dr Justine Wintjes and Dr Ghilraen Laue of the Department of Human Science, KwaZulu-Natal Museum had the privilege to visit West Ilsley and see three of the six rock art sites on the farm that inspired Vinnicombe’s lifelong love of rock art.

Vinnicombe5West Ilsley site 2: Various human figures and faded eland.


In the sitting room of the old farmhouse it is possible to see rock-art-inspired imagery that Vinnicombe painted on the raw sandstone walls.





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KZN Museum celebrated World Book and Copyright Day by launching a reading corner at the Learners Resource Centre. 
Special thanks to guest speaker Mr Mzi Mngadi for his wise word, the performers Shayimamba JAMA Da poet and Aphiwe Mthembu as well as all the attendees who witnessed the launch.
📸: Thulisile Makhaye, Mzi Mngadi and Velisiwe Dlomo-Mtshare
#Kznmuseum #library #WorldBookandCopyrightDay  #worldbookday #literacymatters #readingisfun
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