About Us

nmsa2 The KwaZulu-Natal Museum’s core values are:



Accountability: to foster a culture of accountability, learning and enlightenment for staff and stakeholders.

Understanding and respect


Understanding and respect: to increase tolerance, understanding and mutual respect among staff and the diverse elements of South African society.



Loyalty: to be loyal to the mandate given to the Museum by the Department and in addressing the government imperatives.



Excellence: continuously strive to be a centre of excellence in our core duties and reputation.



Responsiveness: to respond to the needs of our stakeholders with our best work in a timely manner.

Promote Ubuntu values


Promote Ubuntu values: to promote a sense of cultural identity and worth by enabling people to attain knowledge and new perspectives regarding the history of humanity in general and the historical and cultural record of their own communities.


The KwaZulu-Natal Museum is dedicated to serving the people of South Africa by interpreting material evidence of the natural and cultural world in order to increase knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the nation’s wealth of history and biodiversity.


To position the KwaZulu-Natal Museum as a leading, inclusive and transformed heritage institution in South Africa.

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Strategic Outcome Oriented Goals

Programme 1: Administration

The objective of the programme is to ensure sound financial sustainability of the Museum, the effectiveness and efficiency of management, administrative and operational activities by implementing sound governance, financial and human resource practices within the Museum to comply with applicable legislation. Furthermore, the objective of the programme is to render institutional support to the Museum’s core functions by broadening the sphere of influence of the Museum by making the public aware of the Museum’s diversity and amenities through publicity and events. To provide professional library services to serve the scientific community and the general public. To ensure proper maintenance of the Museum building and to provide technical support to internal departments.


Programme 2: Business Development

The objective of this programme is to properly manage and maintain the natural and cultural heritage collection to serve as centres for promotion of research and development. To be the centre of research excellence by publishing research output in accredited scientific journals.


Programme 3: Public Engagement

The objective of this programme is to design and produce state of the art exhibitions and public programmes that showcase the Museum’s programmes and address national imperatives. To accelerate skills development in the heritage sector by providing mentorship and training opportunities. Furthermore, the objective of this programme is to develop and implement education and outreach programmes for learners that are aligned to the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) and the National Curriculum Statement (NCS) and enhance heritage knowledge and education. In addition; this programme aims to develop and strengthen local and international partnerships to advance the objectives of the Museum.


Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 15:30 
Saturdays - Closed 
Sundays - Closed


Adults (over 17 years) : R15.00

Children (4-17 years) : R 5.00 

School Learners on tour : R 2.50 per child

Pensioners & toddlers : FREE