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Happy World Book and Copyright Day. 
Books have the power to bridge gaps and help stimulate the minds and creativity of readers. This year we celebrate World Book Day under the theme, "to share a story". So go out there and share your story with the world.
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Climate change is regarded as one of the biggest threats faced by humanity in recent history. Climate action failure ranked second behind infectious diseases on the World Economic Forum's, Global Risk Report of 2021. The report ranked the threats based on the impact they have on the population.
In light of World Earth Day, we will be highlighting various ways that the climate is impacted through human behaviour and the role nature plays in combating climate change. You can visit our Marine Gallery to learn more about climate change and how you can help mitigate the effects of climate change.
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After a long period of adjusting to the new normal, we are pleased to announce the recommencement of three of our outreach programs as follows, Grade 13, Day at the Museum and Sabalala Nolwazi. These programs were put on hold due to the ongoing COVID pandemic however with the ease of restrictions and strict following of COVID protocols, we can once again provide these programs to the public.

A brief description of the programs:

Grade 13 Programme
The first of the programs to be piloted in March 2021, has been well received with 119 students attending lessons on the Civil Rights Movement in the month of March. The main aim of the program is to assist individuals looking to upgrade their matric history results. The Grade 13 program provides structured and detailed lessons focusing on History Paper 1 (The Cold War in Europe, Civil Rights Movement, Black Power Movement), History Paper 2 (Black Consciousness Movement, Road to Democracy and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission). As an added advantage the program provides a guided tour in the Museum, on the sections covered in History Examination Paper 2, and gives the learners further clarity on the subject.

Sabalala Nolwazi (Spread Knowledge)
Sabalala Nolwazi is a two-fold program, offered both in-house and as an outreach program, to primary schools focusing on Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. The program supplements lessons offered by teachers, through arts and crafts, live experiments, and the use of artefacts from the KZN Museum, which allows the lessons to be practical and engaging for the learners.

Day at the Museum
An in-house program focusing on high school learners studying history at the FET phase (Grades 10-12). The program is an all-day activity that provides an all-inclusive learning experience, comprising of a presentation, DVD screening and a gallery tour is given on grade and content-specific history topics.

Should you wish to enquire further about these programs, kindly contact the Museum on 033 341 0500 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Now that word is getting out about our Enviro Reach Programme, the KZN Museum is able to extend its reach to new areas due to the demand from schools. The Enviro Reach Programme is part of the Museum’s outreach education initiative and specifically focuses on high school learners, and is now extending boundaries and making an impact with learners that are plotting their academic future.
Recently the Museum joined the Isiqalo Youth Development Team in a collaborative effort to motivate learners about their future and education. The Isiqalo Youth Development team is an NPO that provides guidance and mentorship for learners from grade 9-12.
The Museum visited three schools in the Mkhabathini area and focused on meeting the learner needs for life sciences, grades 10 - 12 through our interactive and stimulating teaching aids. The presentation made by Marsha Kalika (Chief Education Officer for Outreach) was received with excitement and appreciation by both the educators and learners. The feedback from educators is that these teaching aids bring science to life and they are eager to use it in their lessons. The teaching aids will be delivered to the schools in April and this begins our journey of making life sciences fun and exciting with these new schools.
The visual teaching aids that the KZN Museum produced for Life Science complements the CAPS syllabus, in order for the learners to grasp concepts easily. In partnership with the Provincial Department of Education, the Museum undertook to develop teaching aids for Life Sciences, which cover a total of 8 sections, ranging from grades 10 to 12. The learning aids comprise topics covered in the Life Sciences syllabus such as RNA, Viruses, Bacteria and Mitosis to name a few. The aids are not only meant to stimulate the learners visually but are designed to be interactive, allowing both students and teachers to actively construct a cell or build an RNA strand, which will hopefully result in better memory retention and building vocabulary.
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Opening Times

Monday to Friday - 9:00 to 15:30 
Saturdays - Closed 
Sundays - Closed


Adults (over 17 years) : R10.00

Children (4-17 years) : R 2.50 

School Learners on tour : R 1.50 per child

Pensioners & toddlers : FREE