Opening Hours

Museum Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday - 8:15 to 16:30
Saturdays - 9:00 to 16:00
Sundays - 10:00 to 15:00
Entrance charges:
Adults (over 17 years) R 10.00
Pensioners & toddlers  FREE
Children 4-17 years R 2.50
School Learners on tour R 1.50 per child
Internet Cafe
R 10 for adults, per hour
R 5 for learners, per hour
237 Jabu Ndlovu Street
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Tel: 27 33 3451404
Fax: 27 33 3450561
The KwaZulu-Natal Museum's Education Department plays a pioneering role in museum education in Southern Africa. Staff focus on school curriculum enrichment and museum-related environmental education and community outreach projects, but are also involved in community development work with the youth, bridging education, and adult education

Pre-School Groups:
The museum is a particularly sought after venue by pre-school groups from the city and surrounding districts. Bookings are essential.There are suitable-sized toilet facilities in the museum and also places where the pre-schoolers can have a snack and cold drink (these must be brought with the group as, at present, the museum does not have canteen facilities). Various pre-school themes and topics are available.

School Lectures: Primary and high-school lectures are tailored to meet individual educator's requirements. Various natural and human history topics are available. The museum has two well-equipped lecture theatres and extensive use is made of video, slides and objects to illustrate lectures, combined with working visits in the museum's galleries. Pre-primary schools are also regular users of the museum and its educational services. Background information for lectures (see example) is available as well as a variety of resource material and work sheets

School Bookings:
Educators are advised to book at least a month beforehand, especially if the visit will include a lecture. This enables us to prepare both a lecture as well as help educators prepare a master kit (containing a worksheet, answer sheet and educator guide, if needed) in advance of the trip. Worksheets can be reproduced by the school. Schools visiting the museum are encouraged to book in advance or risk not being able to visit galleries already in use. Tentative bookings can be made by e-mail but must be confirmed by telephone.

Charges: Normal charges are R2.50 per child and R10 per adult. There is a reduced charge for educational groups (including adult learners) of R1.50 per learner (educators or tutors or parents accompanying the groups will be admitted free of charge as they are expected to help with the supervision of their learners).

Recommended Group Size:
The Museum can accommodate several classes at the same time for a general school visit (maximum 120 pupils). Lectures are normally only held for individual classes (maximum 45 pupils). Schools bringing larger groups of pupils are advised to split their classes between the museum and its sister institutions in the city: the Tatham Art Gallery (telephone 033 -3421804) and the Voortrekker/Msunduzi Museum (telephone 033 -394-6834).
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