Prof Dai Herbert


Position: Chief Curator: Mollusca and honorary professor at the University of KwaZulu-NatalDai sorting modified
email address: dherbert(at) or phasianella(at)
B.Sc. Hons, Zoology, London University.
Ph.D. Zoology, London University. 

David (Dai) Herbert was born and brought up in Wales. After obtaining his Ph.D. from London University in 1984, he took up his present position in the KwaZulu-Natal Museum. He is an NRF-rated scientist (B) and is a member of the IUCN Mollusc Specialist Group. He has published two books, over 80 scientific publications and approx 60 popular articles. In 2012 he was awarded the South African Society for Systematic Biology award for ‘extraordinary contributions to systematics in South Africa’.

Initially his research interests focused on marine gastropods, in particular the Vetigastropoda, but in the mid 1990s he crawled out of the sea and began chasing land snails, though he still maintains an interest in vetigastropods through students and collaborative research projects.

Current research projects:
Systematics of the Phasianellidae [T. Nangammbi & D. Herbert]Tricolia colour images
A morphological and molecular study of the phasianellid genera Eulithidium, Gabrielona, Phasianella and Tricolia, with special emphasis on the origins and relationships of the endemic southern African Tricolia radiation (Ph.D. project of Tshifhiwa Nangammbi).

Global review of the Solariellidae [S. Williams & D. Herbert]
Spectamen pardalis holotypeIn 1987, Dai Herbert published a revision of the diverse solariellid fauna of southern Africa (Herbert, 1987) and is now collaborating with Dr Suzanne Williams (NHM, London) and several other specialists from around the world on a global analysis of the diversity and systematics of the Solariellidae.

Revision of the Chilodontidae of the south-western Indian Ocean [D. Herbert]

ThWeb Chilodontidae fige Natal Museum Dredging Programme brought to light a wealth of poorly known chilodontid material from northern Zululand. Studying this material, augmented by additional samples collected off Madagascar and Mozambique by the MNHN, Paris, Dai Herbert has identified 27 different species occurring in the region and has now published a thorough taxonomic revision of the regional chilodontid fauna.

(Orthalicoidea: Bulimulidae s.l.) [J. Fearon, D. Herbert & N. Barker]
Prestonella bowkeriRecent work on this very poorly-known and enigmatic genus has shown it to be the only African representative of the Gondwanan family Bulimulidae s.l. (Herbert, 2007; Herbert & Mitchell, 2009). Current research now focuses on studying phylogeographic patterns across its distribution along the southern edge of the Great Escarpment. This is being done as a component of Prof Nigel Barker's Great Escarpment Biodiversity Research Programme at Rhodes University, Grahamstown and was the subject of Janine Fearon’s MSc project.
Southern African Rhytididae – cannibal snails [D. Herbert & A. Moussalli]
Capitina calcicolaThe carnivorous land snails of the family Rhytididae (another Gondwanan group) are a conspicuous and characteristic element of the southern African terrestrial malacofauna. Dai Herbert and Adnan Moussalli have been studying this group of snails for a number of years and have published a phylogeny for the large and spectacular species belonging to the genus Natalina s.l., based on both molecular and morphological data (Moussalli, Herbert & Stuart-Fox, 2009), as well as a monographic taxonomic revision describing a number of new taxa (Herbert & Moussalli, 2010). Ongoing work now focuses on the remaining southern African rhytidids, those belonging to the genus Nata s.l., in which new species have also been discovered. A taxonomic revision and a molecular phylogeny are in preparation.
Sheldonia s.l. (Urocyclidae) – tail-wagger snails [D. Herbert, A. Moussalli & L. Davis]Sheldonia bungee jumping 1
The genuSheldonia inuncta Umbogavango 4s Sheldonia is endemic to southern Africa where it has undergone considerable radiation in both the wetter southern and eastern regions, and the more arid karoo. More than 10 new species have been discovered, most of which are narrow-range endemics and thus of conservation concern. This project explores the phylogenetic relationships of the more than 30 species of Sheldonia s.l. from a molecular and morphological perspective. Congruence between these datasets is good and we have been able to identify several well supported subclades within Sheldonia s.l. that warrant recognition as distinct genera.
The endemic molluscan fauna of E. Cape [M. Cole, D. Herbert & L. Davis]
Together with Mary Cole of the East London Museum, Dai Herbert and Linda Davis have been undertaking regular field surveyAfrorhytida burseyaes in the Transkei region of the E. Cape province. This region is rich in endemic species in many animal and plant groups, and terrestrial molluscs are no exception. These field surveys have contributed much to other projects such as those focusing on rhytidids and urocyclids, and have also resulted in publications describing new taxa in other groups, notably the Streptaxidae (Bursey & Herbert, 2004; Cole & Herbert, 2009; Herbert, 2006).
Introduced terrestrial molluscs of southern Africa [D. Herbert]
Aliens front coverDai Herbert has been accumulating data on the alien snail and slug fauna of southern African for more than 10 years. Recently he began drawing this togetherand has now prepared a comprehensive revision of the introduced terrestrial molluscs of the region. This study details the introduced fauna, records new introductions, provides an analysis of the history, patterns and processes of introduction, & highlights species of significant pest and invasion risk.   (Herbert, 2010).

The review was published by SANBI (
& sponsored by the Centre for Invasion Biology ( and NRF ( .
Terrestrial molluscs of Madagascar [O. Griffiths, D. Herbert & L. Davis]
In recent years, Dai Herbert and Linda Davis have joined Owen Griffiths (Mauritius) in his ongoing project documentiTropidophora secunda M03 4ng land snail diversity in Madagascar. Field work focuses on remote, poorly sampled areas and, though physically demanding, is very rewarding in terms of the material collected. Snail diversity in limestone areas is considerable, with many large and spectacular species, some still undescribed. Currently, they are working through material collected on their most recent trip undertaken in conjunction with L'Association Vahatra to the newly created Tsingy de Beanka Reserve, a northerly extension of the Tsingy de Bemaraha massif in north-western Madagascar ( A synoptic review of Madagascar's non-marine mollusc fauna was published in a recent book on the island's remarkable biodiversity (Griffiths & Herbert, 2008).
Kalidos M06 19


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Book chapters

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Publications in peer-reviewed scientific journal
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